We know you’re ready to face some of life’s biggest obstacles. That’s why we’re here with the essentials to get you through it all. Our Readiness Pack combines a personal loan of up to $2,500 with a starter credit card to help you start establishing your credit, while giving you the funds you need for moving expenses, consolidating your bills or anything else you may need.*

Plus, there’s no waiting period – we’re ready when you are.

Features of our Readiness Pack:

  • Personal loan funds of up to $2,500 issued on-site
  • Option of no payments on personal loan for up to 90 days**
  • Fixed interest rate personal loan with rate reduction for direct deposit and automatic payment option***
  • Visa® credit card with $500 - $1,000 limit
  • No foreign transaction fees on credit card+
  • All payment history is reported to credit bureaus, which will establish your credit history